Trick or Treat: Keep It Neat


rubbish 2.jpg

It took me about 5 minutes to pick up all this Halloween rubbish, littering one side of a village’s residential street that’s normally much cleaner than this.

It’s imperative we teach our kids the importance of using a bin, and that littering damages our environment, pollutes our oceans and kills our animals.


Even if you don’t live by the sea, rubbish dropped in a careless second on the street can collect in streams and rivers and flow down to the sea, where it spends a lifetime. There’s no excuse, especially when in a residential area, considering everyone’s bins are on their front drive ways. What’s even more ridiculous is that these kids would have had to walk past these bins as they went up the next driveway to trick or treat the next house.

If we let our kids think it’s okay to drop little sweet wrappers, then they’ll think it’s okay to chuck bigger items, like water bottles, cans, cotton buds, straws, and everything else on the floor which leaves our oceans looking like this:

rubbish in the sea

And it’s not just kids; I see adults dropping rubbish out of their cars all the time. We need to set a good example, by throwing things away and recycling.

I might dress up as an evil old witch next year who only gives out sweets after knocking kids solemnly swear they’ll put all their sweet wrappers in the bin…

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