The UK’S First Ever Vegan Delicatessen Opens in Camden Market Today!

Oh boy. Festive Vegan Deli, you are a sight for sore eyes, and hungry stomachs craving something a little more delectable than the average supermarket vegan cheese…

Camden Market and blogger Fat Gay Vegan have partnered to bring us a deli market like no other seen before in the UK. A delicatessen typically showcases meats and cheeses, and the Latin root, delicatus means “giving pleasure, delightful, pleasing“. What could be more delightful than some of the finest, handpicked independent traders selling a plethora of vegan goodness all under one roof?

What a reason to head down to Camden on the thursdays running up to Christmas. This is the perfect chance to stock up on some presents (for yourself) and for loved ones. I’ve heard there’s gonna be vegan chorizo…

More traders are TBA but some of them include:

Plant Based Artisan: plants can be melliferous as well as bees, and these guys have sussed out how to make this sweet nectar without the cruelty.

LoveSeitan: seitan, a holy protein grail for many vegans, and if you haven’t tried any yet cause it sounds a bit scary then now’s your chance to pick some up for Christmas.

Big V London: tasty handmade burgers and nut roasts for you to take home and cook at your convenience. These guys are pretty awesome environment-wise too, their packaging is biodegradable and their cutlery is legit made out of beets.

La Buenaventura: chorizo. Need I say more. All I want for Christmas is you. No really.

The Cashew Family: organic cashew cheese worthy of a place on (or taking up all of) your Christmas cheeseboard.

The Butch Institute: jams, jellies, preserves, chutneys, perfect to go alongside all the vegan cheese you’ll be buying amirite? (plum, apple and fig with sloe gin sounds dreamy)

If this hasn’t fully persuaded you yet check out the Festive Vegan Deli facebook event for more details and to see which traders will be there on the different days:

Thursday 07/12/17 12-8pm
Thursday 14/12/17 12-8pm
Thursday 21/12/17 12-8pm
Camden Market
54-56 Camden Lock Place






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  1. veganmom7 says:

    It sounds amazing!


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