My name’s Mila and I run green tea in bed.

A healing cup of green tea in bed is how I greet the mornings and nights. These times of the day, fleeting silent moments with my own thoughts, give me inspiration for new creations.

I am a compassionate soul, in love with our planet and all mother nature’s good food. I spend my time campaigning, minimising my own waste (I’m talking more single-use plastic than bodily secretions) foraging, crafting, drawing, cooking, writing and hugging dogs. I like to write about important issues to me, such as the refugee crisis, sustainability and women empowerment, as well as food (plant-based), art, and travel.

I like to think that all we really, truly need can be found in the environment around us. Although I will admit I currently live in a little English town so foraging bounty isn’t plentiful. However, anyone can do it, even in urban areas, and my recipes provide some easy, tried and tested delicious wild food concoctions. And pretty much everyone has access to nettles so no excuses not to cook with this wonder-plant.

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